At Lake Forest Dental Associates, we have the OP-300 Digital CT system. This state-of-the-art, 3D system is used by many of the top dental institutions and teaching schools across the country.

What is Digital CT? It is a high-resolution, 3D imaging system that allows us to better diagnose and plan treatment using virtual imaging. In addition to greater accuracy, 3D imaging allows for a much lower-dose of radiation than conventional film-based systems and provides less discomfort during patient treatment. Because it is digital, 3D imagining also produces no harmful chemicals, leaving no negative imprint on the environment we all share. Additionally, your images will be digitally saved to your chart, saving a lot of paper in the course of managing your treatment.

Now we have a far better diagnostic tool that simply helps us see more, so we can offer a more accurate plan for treatment. Digital CT allows us to better diagnose and treat impacted teeth, endodontics (root canals) as well as, jaw, sinus, nasal cavity and TMJ related issues. It also allows for more accurate fitting and placement of dental implant and crowns. Additionally, with Digital CT we can diagnose oral tumors faster than ever before! This benefit alone will help us make great strides in slowing down the oral cancer death rate of one per hour in America. The survival rate on any cancer or tumor can be based on how fast we detect and diagnose. We believe this technology will become the standard of care and are proud to be one of the very few general practices in the area offering this technology to our patients.

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