Our office utalizise a MICROSCOPE! Both Drs. Razdolsky and Tincher are trained and experts at using a microscope. Our office has two mounted microscopes in each of the doctors main treatment rooms.

Microscopes allow for greater accuracy while working on the patient in the chair, as the doctor can see everything in the mouth more precisely. This enables Drs. Razdolsky and Tincher to preserve tooth structure and benefits patients in restorations such as crowns, onlays, veneers and composites. Another particular advantage is in how magnification assists in gingival contouring around teeth, minute detailing treatment of dental caries or cavities and otherwise hard to visualize areas of the mouth like back teeth.

The addition of microscope cameras can also aid in treatment as they make them the perfect tool for documentation and patient education. Now doctor, staff and patient can visualize and discuss what issues require treatment improving communication and patient understanding. But improved treatment outcomes aren’t the only advantage to patients with these microscope wonders. Ergonomics is another fantastic benefit to the addition of scopes. It allows the clinician to sit upright in their chair with greatly improved posture. This reduces strain and fatigue, allowing Drs. Razdolsky and Tincher to be more productive during the patient visit which means you’re out of the chair sooner.

Both Drs. Razdolsky and Tincher are members of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry.







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